JAPAN Bodyguard Association (JAPAN)

We, the Japan Bodyguard Association, provide tactical and strategic Japanese-style bodyguard services. The ancient Japanese 「Bushi」 trained their entirely life to be steadfast bodyguards. Based on the ancient principles of Bushido and Japanese martial arts we bring advanced skill and knowledge to the global front line. We, the Japan bodyguard association, provide bodyguard services as well as reliable information about other bodyguard companies. If you need a bodyguard in Japan please contact us

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台灣保鑣學校 (Taiwan)

Taiwan bodyguard School We are the most friendly and friendly security planning expert in the Republic of China for friendship and friendship. The purpose of our establishment is to propose professional safety protection methods for personal safety in the embassy in Taiwan, National Day activities, celebration receptions, investment and business invitation meetings, and we have absolutely everything Ability to personally protect the VIPs of your embassy, government officials, domestic political leaders, business leaders of your country, world investors, and important figures of your country invited to visit Taiwan. We will use professional technology to prevent attacks and harassment. , Conference security, prevention of conference secrets from being carried out of the conference hall, state secret conference security control and other professional skills to provide the most advanced security specifications in all aspects. Compared with all other security companies, the main advantage of Taiwan Guardian School is that our CEO is a former special service operations officer, and our entire team is from the entire special operations fighters. We have undergone rigorous training to handle any dangerous emergency tasks. Our combat power is far better than any other security company in Taiwan. In any case, we provide comprehensive and professional safety requirements. We are committed to providing the highest level of security protection for your entire team in any type of environment. We look forward to further discussing your security needs and developing a long-term cooperative relationship! Designate Taiwan bodyguard School for safety during business or investment in Taiwan 

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Legend Gurkhas Services Limited (LGS) (HongKong)

The Legend Gurkhas Services Limited (LGS) is founded by the 「Ex-Gurkhas」 member in year 2011, holder of security license company registered under Chapter 460 of Security and Guarding Ordinance in Hong Kong. LGS is a dynamic and innovative security company committed to providing highly professional, reliable, and cost-effective manned Gurkha Security Guarding Services to our corporate clients, government, public sector, and industrial organisation. LGS is the leading Gurkha security service provider in Hong Kong. We also provide services for Hong Kong-based Gurkhas, mainly for the positions such as Bodyguards, Drivers, Close Protection officers within Hong Kong. We have placed teams of Gurkhas in the Venetian Hotel & Resort in Macau, International Hotel in Papua New Guinea, Malaysia and some other gulf countries.

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