Asia Bodyguard Association アジア 国際ボディーガードライセンス訓練 Asian International Bodyguard License Training アジア地域でのボディーガードサービスとトレーニングをご提供いたします。





・アジア 国際ボディーガードライセンス訓練



With plenty of experiences for bodyguard and security services, Asia Bodyguard Association provides the highest quality of training programs in the world.

Our deliberated training programs are quite comprehensive and multilateral, not only bringing out the potential abilities or talent of each trainee but providing the very practical trainings(which are not ones showing you impractical knowledge or trainings).Thus, we can train fully competent bodyguards or security operators that can accomplish their tasks with confidence.

・ Asian International Bodyguard License Training
・ Bodyguard planning training
・ Convoy, airport transfer training
・ VIP Survival Escape Training
・ Bodyguard basic tactical training
・ Bodyguard martial arts
・ Defensive shooting training
・ Tactical shooting training
・ Crisis management training
・ Security management training
・ Crime prevention class

A certificate of completion will be awarded by the Asia Bodyguard Association.
For those who have completed training.

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