About us

団体名 / Group Name Asia Bodyguard Association
Close Protection Association of Asia
所在地 / Location JAPAN
連絡先 / Contact TEL : +815036310223
E-mail : info@bodyguard-asia.com
目的 / Purpose Our Mission

We cooperate with each other, each race for mutual peace and prosperities, supporting and promoting bodyguard services and security services in Asian countries and regions to develop the field of bodyguard services.
Specifically we provide trainings and information about job opportunities related to bodyguard services.
活動内容 / Activity Content Aims Of Organization

・Establishing the unified network of organizations engaged in bodyguard services in Asian countries and regions.

・Enhancing the reliability for bodyguard services and security services as well as achieving their further development and expansion.

・Contributing to the betterment of our societies, where all the people feel relieved and live in safety.

・Training world-class bodyguards who are highly trusted in their societies.

・Holding workshops and trainings concerning bodyguard services and security services.
理念 / Philosophy We place a high value upon these following spirits:

Wa-go (respecting and supporting each other)
Jin (showing empathy toward others)
Gi (acting aright with man’s intellect)

Placing these spirits (Wa-go, Jin-Gi ) a lot of value, we contribute to the growth of both bodyguard services and crisis management systems in Asian countries and regions.
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